Jennifer Compton

This Monday we went to see Jennifer Compton and Mary McCallum have a conversation with each other at the National Library Auditorium.

I really liked the venue (although I did think Jennifer's mike volume could have been lower, always a critic!) and found the hour long talk to be excellent. I really enjoyed the readings of Jennifer's work, from plays to poems. I also really appreciated her take on writing, which really seems to be her take on life and living it. The line that has stuck with me the most is: Don't be boring! Although, I'm paraphrasing I think. If I was into Oprah I could say it was a light bulb moment. Afterwards someone told me that she sounded pretty negative. I found it hard to agree with that. To me she seemed anything but and in fact made me laugh out loud several times. I only wish I had taken more notes. I did have my computer, and I even considered live blogging. However, I instead chose to enjoy the moment. And I'm glad I did. I was pleased to discover that the poem of Jennifer's I selected for Enamel is an old favourite of hers that hadn't found a home. It felt like a little bit of treasure, hearing the news from her.

I haven't quite got into the groove of writing in Wellington, yet. As I start a new job on Monday I hope I am still able to find the time and inclination. Living here is exciting. It's especially exciting to be a part of books being written and criticism being received etc. I am excited by the prospect of my best friend getting a book published and I will enjoy the process alongside her.

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