Enamel Roundup

There have been another couple of reviews of Enamel coming through from other blogs around New Zealand. Most notably from my two favourite Helens! (After Aunty Helen that is!)

Helen Rickerby did a lovely wee review. And so did Helen Heath. Helen H. called it a yummy wee number. Thanks Helen and Helen!

I've also noticed a few other people spreading the news through aggregators and other sites about publishing and writing which is very lovely.

Sales are going well on Trade Me. Better than almost anywhere else. So if you haven't gotten a copy yet and you want one go here.


Tim Jones said...

I saw a nice little pile of Enamels (hmm, written down, that reminds me of Caramels) in Unity Books, Wellington, this week. I hope it started life as a nice big pile of Enamels.

Emma Barnes said...

I think it started life as a nice weel pile of Enamels. Hopefully, it's a bit smaller than I last saw it!

Anonymous said...

I'd love to read your NaPoWriMo stuff but need to be invited...

Emma Barnes said...

Hey Helen!

As NaPoWriMo is kind of raw and embarassing I only have the blog open for a calendar month per year. So no one can read it now! I'm sorry you missed it. Glad to see you're back for a short time. I've missed your blog!


derek said...

Hi Emma

Hope you don’t mind the comment-spam, but I’m just reminding any Aus writers I know that fourW is open for submission until June 30th.

This will be the 20th annual edition. Launches in Wagga, Sydney & Melbourne.



Emma Barnes said...

Thanks Derek!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for linking to my blog it has moved to
If you want to update your information.