After such a long time without writing I feel compelled to do a recap! It's been a fairly good year for me poetry wise. After finding out I was in Best New Zealand poems 2008 I actually ended up doing a not terrible reading at Te Papa. Definitely one of the highlights. I've also had a few other poems published through out the year mostly in New Zealand, with one in Australia. I've updated the side bar for any of you who have missed these. Over all a good year, one where I've spent many, many hours volunteering and doing things other than poetry.

I'm hoping that 2010 will have more of a focus on poetry as I scale back a little and reduce the extra commitments I've got. I have several ideas for zines that I'm dying to get out there and of course my baby Enamel hits the shelves in March 2010. I've had some great submissions for the second round and I hope that Enamel only grows from here.

As you can probably tell I think blogging is out the window. These days I'm more likely to be in google wave or on twitter, formats that are more communal and make me feel less like I'm pontificating.

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