Slogging Away

At this time of year I'm busily putting together Enamel, checking layout and making sure everything works together. I'm probably a fairly eclectic editor, but I don't mind this. I love the shape that just seems to organically appear when I'm editing. It's a very different pursuit to writing and whilst it's hard for me at the moment it is definitely easier than writing.

After completing NaPoWriMo by the skin of my teeth I do have to say that I am exhausted by writing. But at the same time I'm just aching to write something good. A friend of mine talks about a runner's high and I think that there is such a thing as a poetry high. I haven't had one since I wrote the poem that will be coming out in Landfall this month. That poem was an amazing experience across a week. Each day I would sit down for five to ten minutes, sometimes an hour, and do a few more lines.

It was an experieince very different to my usual method, but one so powerful that it still is very present in my memory and now I find myself matching every experience I have of writing to that week. My goal in the next few months is to forget that! Well perhaps not forget, but make it less of a monument and certainly remove it as a barrier to entry. Writing in private again will hopefully make me feel at ease enough that I can just write. Just because.


Helen Rickerby said...

Lovely post. Ah, so ironic how doing some you're pleased with, having some kind of success, can then become a rod to beat yourself with. I sometimes read things I wrote in the past, and feeling that nothing that I've done recently, and nothing I'm going to do in the future, will be as good.

And then I try to just remember that I write because I love it.

Emma Barnes said...

Yes, indeed! I still haven't written anything. But I keep on thinking about that. I write because I love it too. But like any love it is sometimes complicated!