Best New Zealand Poems 2010

Oh poor little neglected blog. Sometimes I want to write in you, but mostly I don't. I am much more present on Twitter. A place where it's hard to go back in time and I exist mostly in the present. That's something I like.

Since my last update I've been putting together the next Enamel, writing and getting my work out there. It has been a time of upheavals, funerals and change. We bought our first house, lost a family member, a close friend and a beloved pet and went for a two week road trip around the South Island. September feels like much longer than six-ish months ago. We have been packing the living in tightly.

But amongst all this I've been published in Best New Zealand Poems 2010 and had other acceptances for magazines and journals that I'm happy to be published in. I've been writing and would say that I am pretty much finished my book. I am procrastinating on the last stages of final edits before I print it out to find its way in the world.

I hope that the next time I have the occasion to write here it will be to talk about it being published.

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