Speaking of Slam Poetry

So I dipped my toes in the Slam Poetry pool and I made it through to the Wellington Regional Final. That's tomorrow night. You can find out more information here: NZ Poetry Slam

I got 5th in the last round with an angry and political poem. Tomorrow night I'm taking it a bit easier both on myself and the crowd with a simpler and less angry poem.

If you're around and into poetry you should come and watch. I don't know if there are any spots left in the final heat but you could contact the organisers and ask.

The National Final is going to be held on the 29th at Fringe Bar in Wellington. There are some amazing poets who have already made it through to the finals from Christchurch and Auckland and even if I don't get through to the final I reckon I'll go along and see what it's all about. The audience is just as important as the poet in my opinion when it comes to slam.

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