Tiny Things

Here's a wee list of things that I've been enjoying/enjoyed recently:

Following Hera Lindsay Bird on Twitter.

Reading, and reading about Kim Hyesoon.

Being part of Poetry In Motion and being exposed to different, new and exciting poets from NZ and around the world.

Witnessing a performance by Luka Lesson.

Hearing Teju Cole speak at Unity Books and say: Death is the only subject.

Being introduced to people and them knowing me and my work.

Eating Cos Lettuce.

Intense conversations in cars.

Hearing Australians say "Wood".

Hearing Anne Kennedy, Anna Jackson and Helen Rickerby read together. They intertwined their poems and read each others work and it was all the bone people, batman and purple.

Reading Helen Lehndorf's blog.

Remembering the warm water on Waiheke Island and creating a 1km long poem. There's a picture of one of our words in John Tranter's tapas notebook that will be stored away somewhere in the NZEPC for posterity.

My excellent writing group.

Breaking my long running rejection streak with a poem in Snorkel 15.

And to finish off the list, something I'm looking forward to:

Hearing Helen Lehndorf, Harvey Molloy, Janis Freegard, Hera Lindsay Bird and others read in the 2011 Best New Zealand Poems reading. Harvey's Poem appeared in the last Enamel. So I am especially looking forward to hearing him read.

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