Tumblr Poems and Sigourney Weaver

Cause I like a diversified internet platform I do most of my online interaction through things other than blogs these days. Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr mostly. So much so that I've even been posting poems on Tumblr. I haven't posted raw poems on the internet for quite a while. At least since the last time I did NaPoWriMo in 2010. That doesn't count though since I hid them at the end of the month! These ones however are out there for a while. I thought I'd link you to them!

Get High with The Trees Out

Safe and Complicit

It's The Music

Tangle and Snare

Catch and Release

Waiting To Happen

Long Form Thought 

Rhyme Scheme

They're mostly silly and inspired by a case of Spring Fever. Because I'm working so hard on a series of Sigourney Weaver poems I've been jokingly calling these my Feelings poems. Some of these are more successful than others but it has been kind of fun to put them out into the world. And it's funny how working on a series makes me start wanting to write in series. Before these two things I've been a poem to poem person. But these days it is a series that gets me going.

If you want to see some of my Sigourney Weaver stuff you can check out Hue &Cry 7, Cordite and upcoming JAAM and 4th Floor. JAAM especially has been very generous with their selection from my submission and I'm looking forward to reading what sounds like a bumper issue.

On Friday I hit 30 poems in my Sigourney Weaver series. That's the most I've ever written on one particular subject ever. It's been totally amazing to be so engaged with a vision that at times feels like it is coming through me rather than something I'm creating. I know that's just because my writing process now feels a lot more automatic than it used to when I was younger. But the magical feeling is pretty boss. Looking back over the last couple of years I can see how dissatisfied and unhappy I was with writing. After thinking it through and working on it I changed some things up, got rid of my writing rules and just went with what felt good.

Because the reward and recognition in poetry is so small and so irregular I FINALLY came to the conclusion that if I'm not having fun I shouldn't be doing it. Obviously there are times when writing isn't fun. But those times are now balanced against the utter joy I'm experiencing at present and that makes pretty much everything better. Maybe this won't last forever but at least I know that the dissatisfaction with writing can't last forever either. It's funny how the lessons I have learned through managing depression pay off just as much with writing. At least the second time around the lessons are a little easier to figure out.

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