More Tumblr Poems and SW is finished?

I've got another couple of Tumblr poems for your reading pleasure:

Set Free

I am a man

I've also had a good year for published works so I've updated the sidebar to reflect the new publications. A lot of them are online so you can go read those if you want to. The largest selection of my work that has been put together, ever, is in the current JAAM. That's not online but here's a wee taste. The delightful and lovely Harvey Molloy took five poems from me. It seems totally outrageous but I feel very lucky to have such a great editor in Harvey and Helen Rickerby and Clare Needham who also edited the issue. Harvey said that he liked how the poems all worked together even though they were a mix of SW poems and other stuff. It made me want to make a collection based around that idea and I might still do it. Maybe.

I'm very lucky to have been published again in Cordite. Derek Motion, the editor, published me for the first time in 2007 I think through the mag FourW out of Wagga Wagga.  Cordite has an anonymous submissions policy so Derek selected my poems not knowing they were written by me. Which is pretty ace! There's always excellent work on Cordite so worth a look!

I've also been lucky again to be published by the excellent and lovely Hinemoana Baker in 4th Floor. This is the online journal of Whitireia New Zealand's creative writing programme and publishing programme. It is usually only open to past and present staff and students. However, it was their 20th anniversary and they opened up the gates and let everyone in. I really love the selection of poems in there. A lot wider and more diverse feeling than a lot of publications I think. It was really great that there were activists and artists and musicians and writers all mixed up in together.

Lots of writing luck this year. Perhaps I am making some of it by having more dedicated writing time? Who can say. I'm definitely writing in a different way than I've written for a long time. A much more writing rather than publication focused way. It's weird how once you stop focusing on publishing sometimes it just happens.

I am pretty sure that I finished Sigourney Weaver the other day. I wrote about 35 poems in the end but went through and cut out five and so now I've got 30 poems that are going into a secret project that hopefully will be launched next year sometime. It's pretty fun working on secret stuff. Although I am pretty bad at keeping secrets. So we'll see how far I get with that.


Helen Rickerby said...

I'm glad its been such a good writing year for you! And yay for the SW poems. I have to clarify that while I'm totally a cheerleader for your work, I had nothing to do with Harvey putting all your poems in JAAM 31. It was all his own good taste.

Emma Barnes said...

That's true but you do a lot of work each JAAM and I wanted to acknowledge your efforts! Without you JAAM wouldn't happen!!